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It has been only two months since I joined, thanks to my friend Patty, and I am truly loving it! For those who know me, I have been “allergic” to exercise for the past eight years. Once I entered into my mid 30s I realized how out of shape I was and had very low energy levels. It does not help that I have a desk job and my body suffers for it. Going to a regular gym was never appealing as I had no idea what I was doing. Here at SF this has never been a concern for me. Everyone is always willing to help and Mark is always around making sure you are doing it right (it’s all about the form). About three weeks into working out, I started to notice changes and then I was hooked. But the biggest reason for sticking with the routine was the AMAZING women and trainer that are part of the group. I can’t imagine stopping!


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I started in the dead of winter so lots of baggy clothes to hide under. The first real time I actually “saw” results was when I was drying my hair and I could see the outline of biceps! Then I wanted “more”. Honestly, I looked forward to coming mainly to hang out with my gym friends. I knew if I didn’t go, I would leave one of them hanging. Now that I am stronger, am sleeping better and have better posture , I still want “more”. I am in awe of my partners, who’ve been there longer than me and as well as all the new people just starting out. It takes guts to walk in the door but lifting those weights is so freeing and worth it. So… If you don’t see results right away, DONT give up. It will come. Trust the process. It will be worth it and it’s a fun journey!!


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I’ve been going to Stronger Forever for 4 Months and I’m loving it. It’s different from any other program I’ve tried and I find myself actually pumped for every class. Within weeks I noticed my strength levels increasing and shortly after that people were commenting that I was dropping inches. A great group of motivating women and a knowledgeable and encouraging coach!


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Love my stronger forever family!! After two pregnancies I was the largest I have even been in my life and I found this kijiji ad one night and thought I would try it. Not gonna lie the first sessions were tough but the lovely ladies and Mark coach you through it. Now 8 months later I have lost a ton of weight and inches and I couldn’t do it without my second family.


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I have been working on my fitness goals for a while now, but I was had started to lose my zest for training. my friend Jenn suggested I try Mark’s Stronger Forever training group. I tried it and I have to say that I think I have found my new home! Mark’s focus on technique and strength training has opened my eyes to how wrong I was doing things on my own at the gym, and the women in the group are fabulous! I actually find myself waiting (not so patiently) for the next training day….and this is something I have never experienced before! I am becoming so much stronger than I ever knew I could be! And I am seeing results every week! This is an amazing group, and I am so grateful that Jenn introduced me to it!!


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I’m so happy to have found not only a facility but a group and a team leader that has inspired me to make the changes I have only thought about doing in the past. Thanks Mark for your continued encouragement and support, you rock!


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This is the best thing I have ever decided to do! I was hesitant at first but with each passing class I can see the changes and I have never felt better. It was just the push I needed. Thanks to Mark for putting together such an amazing workout week after week and I feel so lucky to be doing this with such a great group of ladies!


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